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AXXON constantly seeks the most excellent and we are committed to help people to develop their careers and achieve their goals. If you are inspired to go beyond expectations and succeed in your career, AXXON is here to help you.AXXON is an organization with ambitious people with strong ethical standards. Our workplaces are full of life, friendly and competent and we believe our people are our biggest asset. Our motto - “Excelling Service, more excellent life” shows our devotion to encourage and inspire our clients, provide better service to them and offer great careers for our Colleagues

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    We are looking for ambitious, talented and motivated people to be a part of our team. We can assure you an exciting and rewarding career and you can be one of the aspiring individuals that choose AXXON as a place to start and develop the career. We provide proper training to advance in your job and a high-perfoming individual will be rewarded with numerous opportunities and competitive salary that are essential for leading a better career as well as personal life.

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    Who we are?

    AXXON Employee Provision is a work force service company licensed by the Government of UAE to provide quality resources and services that raise the work rate and productivity of an enterprise.

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    Why axxon?

    By our familiarity, intelligence and proficiency in the recruitment sector, we can understand the ability of people and expertise in utilizing their skills to drive business forward.

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    Our Strength

    We work as a team, share knowledge for constant growth, treat everybody with respect and committed to accomplish our responsibilities.

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